Parent-Teacher Organization

Parent-teacher (and/or home-school) organizations are sponsored by the school to promote a cooperative effort at meeting certain needs of the student body. The parent organization is subject in all respects to the control of the school, and all parent organization activities and all materials prepared by parents must be submitted to the principal/administration for approval prior to implementation and/or distribution.

President: Corey Andersen
Vice President: Monica Sullivan
Secretary: Lauren Chase
Treasurer: Sean Stegmaier

General Information

PTO By-Laws

PTO Constitution

PTO Nomination and Election Procedures

PTO Service Hours Form

The parent organization should strive:

  • to serve in an advisory capacity to support the principal/administration;
  • to provide a means by which parents can respectfully articulate their values and expectations regarding the school so that these can be examined and addressed by the principal/administration;
  • to support and promote quality Catholic education at the school;
  • to encourage Catholic values of family life;
  • to share with teachers the values that parents are attempting to develop with their children at home;
  • to acquaint parents with up-to-date information concerning current developments in educational initiatives as they may affect the School so that they can be in a better position to promote the legitimate rights of their children;
  • to unify parents in an effort to raise funds each year for the school.