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Media Center

Our Media Center is an active learning zone, offering educational resources to both students and staff. Students in preschool through eighth grade meet weekly to develop and practice reading and research skills, to reinforce curriculum concepts, to use technology to learn and practice word-processing and computer skills, and to develop digital citizenship. In addition, Middle School students refine study skills, incorporate library and technology resources into their academic work, and receive instruction on more advanced research and writing projects.

While library instruction is guided by its own curriculum standards, the Media Specialist works with classroom teachers designing and implementing cross-curricular projects to support and enrich the school’s curriculum. The Media Specialist offers reading enrichment and provides media classes for students.

Chromebooks, Chrome tablets, Activpanels, iPads, touch screen computers, and document cameras are among the many technology resources used every day by students and teachers further developing digital literacy in the classroom. In addition, a variety of educational apps are readily available and are used to enrich diocesan curriculum. 

The Media Center is also used for the Robotics program. All students in grades K-8 are able to work with various kinds of robots and learn computer coding. A 3D printer is available for use and students have been able to create and print 3D designs.

A student-led broadcast occurs every morning. Students are responsible for creating, planning and executing the morning announcements, including the mission statement, daily weather report, the Pledge of Allegiance, school happenings and fun facts.