Nativity Catholic School

Nativity Catholic School

Leading the way to Christ

A National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Elementary (K-5)

The elementary school years at Nativity are defined by discovery and self-realization.

From Kindergarten through 5th Grade, children observe and note patterns in the natural world through scientific exploration, art, composition, math, and literature. They build cultural understanding through social studies and Spanish. Imagination and creativity are encouraged with the personal interpretation of each child and the celebration of diverse ideas. Through the study of their faith, children learn the priority of love and respect. Christian morality, virtues, and the presence of Jesus are evident in prayer, discussion and outreach. As a finishing touch, the music at Nativity puts a song in their hearts!



Technology is an integral part of the Nativity School educational program. Chromebooks, Chrome tablets, Activpanels, iPads, touch screen computers, and document cameras are among the many technology resources used every day by students and teachers further developing digital literacy in the classroom. All students in grades K – 8 work 1:1 on Chromebooks. All students in grades K-8 are able to work with various kinds of robots and learn computer coding.

Faith Formation

During the elementary years we focus on sacraments in faith formation. Students will have the opportunity to receive both their Frist Reconciliation and First Holy Communion during the 2nd grade.

After School Activities

Students are typically eligible for a variety of enriching clubs & activities. Currently, they are all on hold due to COVID.