Box Tops for Education

Earning cash for your school has never been easier. With Box Tops for Education, you can support your school with everyday activities—like buying groceries, shopping online and making purchases with a credit card. Best of all, your school can earn up to $60,000 annually from Box Tops for Education! Contact Mrs. Klaric with any comments or questions.

Boxtop earnings for 2015-2016: $727.10
Boxtop earnings for 2012-2013: $806.00
Boxtop earnings for 2011-2012: $862.20
Boxtop earnings for 2010-2011: $704.10
Total Boxtop earnings since 2004 to 2011: $8,754.

BoxTop’s official submission deadlines are typically November 1 and March 1. Please get your BoxTops in at least a week before these dates! Sending Boxtops in throughout the year not only makes it easier for the volunteers who count and submit the Boxtops, but you child will also be entered in drawing for each Boxtop for a prize.

Want more ways to earn BoxTops? Another tool that parents can use to add to our total is the Box Tops for Education Bonus
App available through the App Store and Google Play. Also, Try Click-and-Earn! Just visit the eBoxTops website (click here), simply click on an activity and when it is complete, your eBoxTops will be automatically sent to your designated school. There’s nothing more you need to do!