Nativity School participates in the LabLearner Science Program. LabLearner is a 100% hands-on PreK-8 science education system that includes a fully equipped in-school laboratory complete with a curriculum (developed by scientists and teachers), lesson plans, assessments, and teacher professional development.

“Last year the School of the Nativity volunteered to be a test school for a new science program that promotes an innovative way of learning science. The program applies to all grade levels at Nativity. Each week all grades meet in the science laboratory to conduct hands-on science investigations that demonstrate to the students the concepts they are learning in science.

“Teachers at all grade levels were enthusiastic about LabLearner as they constantly provided me positive feedback about the program. They enjoyed the scripted lesson plans, fully equipped laboratory, and a marked increase in student interest and participation.

“Parents approached me beaming how their children were always coming home excited about what they did in the lab that day. In view of the many positive results achieved, Nativity has chosen LabLearner as its science program for now and the future.”
– Mr. Ward, Science Teacher

Click here to look at the LabLearner Curriculum for Kindergarten through 8th grade.